And that’s what I needed

I got an email on Tuesday, saying that my article* was provisionally accepted to a journal.  This is great!  Not only is it a bit of an upper, after repeated downers,** but it also gives me the dead-line which I so desperately need to get writing.  I’ve been throwing ideas around, taking notes, dabbling in writing, but not had any real dragon-breathing-down-my-neck reason to write.***  The news that this article needs to be finished by the 25th of March lead to 1,000 words being written on Tuesday, and more have followed.  This will work.  It had better, because I currently am still waiting to hear back from the other journal, which promised a fast turn-around.

*We’ll call this one “Saints and Communities”.

**Not even getting responses to job-applications is pretty rough, especially when the job wiki shows other people’s applications at least being acknowledged.

***I’m not sure why ‘publish or perish’ isn’t enough, but I REALLY need dates, deadlines, etc.  Even if I then let them slide, the bulk of the work will have been done.


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