A New Week

Right, this is a new week.  I did some good work last Tuesday, which means I know I _can_ do it.  Time to get off my rear-end, and work on writing.  My goal for this week, on Dame Eleanor Hull’s writing group, is to write for an hour a day.  This is so very possible, so there is no excuse.  And by blogging this, hopefully I’ll be even more motivated to write.

I have all the notes taken for a close reading of a particular saint’s life.  This means that my current writing is pretty straight-forward – I just have to form it all into sentences, which make my point about communities. At some point, presumably when the semester starts back up, I’ll go and get some more secondary material.  That’s in a couple of weeks, by which time, all the notes should be written.  There, not too much to ask.


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