Quick Update

Oh, good grief!  The best laid plans of want-to-be-school-teachers-come-bloggers gang aft agley.  Cutting a long story short – I made it through Teacher’s College, was chased and hired by my second secondment school*, and had a whale of a time teaching my first year while my husband (also a PhD struggling for a job) followed me through TC, and ended up with a job this year in the same school.  This year has felt like more of a struggle, partly because I have some different classes, so am doing a lot more new preparation, while helping with the school production for the whole first term of this year.

Medieval-wise, the school I am teaching at uses the Cambridge curriculum, which is not common in NZ.  This means that Shakespeare is taught from at least Year 6, and I had so much fun with my Year 8s and Romeo and Juliet last year.  And Richard III with the Year 12s.  But best of all, this year I am teaching The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale to the Year 13s.**  Teaching is great, but it has felt so good to get back into some Chaucer over the past little while.  Watching the student’s eyes glaze over was a bit concerning, but we’ll get there.  There’s not that much difference between Year 13 and First Years at Uni, and I have 8 weeks to get them to the point where they can read and appreciate the text.

Being on the Cambridge curriculum has made it harder to integrate with other teachers using NCEA, so I haven’t been very ‘present’ online.  This is about to change (say I, with a hollow laugh, because I’ve said this before!) as I am going to be using this space as a way to keep track of my reflections, and share with you some of the things which are working, and some which are not.

So once again, Dear Reader (if you exist), I invite you to join me on a new journey, as I delve into the frustrating, yet fulfilling, world which is High School Teaching.

*OMG!  After so many years of rejection, it felt so strange to be wanted!  And they wanted to pay me!  Money, actual money!  I might one day, own a home after all. Just not in this city, because the housing market has gone mad.  But that’s a post for another blog.

** After beating out my husband for teaching the Year 13s.  The very kind VP wanted to help me, by letting me repeat teaching the Year 12s, but I explained to them that making my husband (a Romantic) teach Chaucer was akin to making a physicist teach the best bits of the Chemistry course, and being a Chemist, the VP got my point.

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